Backup Settings

The Settings > Backup page contains settings that determine when CrashPlan runs, the number of versions of files to keep, and when to remove deleted files. Settings > Backup also provides access to advanced performance settings and backup set configuration options.

Backup Settings

Backup Settings

Item Description
a Backup will run Always – CrashPlan is always running (recommended setting).
Between specified times – CrashPlan runs only during the time range you specify. For example, you may want to run only between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. You can also choose the days of the week you want backups to run. Backup is only allowed to run during this timeframe.
b c d Verify backup file selection every Scan system for file changes and deleted files within your backup selection at the interval and time of day you specify. If the computer is powered off or asleep at the scheduled scan time, the scan will wait until the next scheduled scan time to run.
e Now Force the file selection verification scan to begin immediately.
f Frequency and versions: Configure… Display window in which you can specify how often CrashPlan backs up and which versions to retain.
g Filename exclusions:Configure… Display window in which you can enter file extensions to be excluded from your backup.
h Advanced settings:Configure… Settings for disabling/enabling data de-duplication, compression, encryption, real-time file watching, and backing up open files.
i Backup sets… Enable Create backup sets; view and edit backup set options. Once backup sets are enabled, the Backup tab displays additional options. View screen with backup sets enabled.
j Undo Changes Reset to previous settings (same effect as cancel).
k Save Apply changes.

Frequency And Versions Settings

Backup Frequency and Version Settings

Item Description
a Backup frequency Indicates how often CrashPlan backs up a file.
b Versions to keep from last week Indicates which versions to keep from last week (not including today).
c Versions to keep from last 90 days Indicates which versions to keep from last 90 days (not including last week).
d Versions to keep from last year Indicates which versions to keep from last year (not including the last 90 days).
e Versions to keep from previous years Indicates which versions to keep from previous years (not including last year).
f Remove deleted files after Period after which deleted files are removed from the archive.
g Defaults Return settings to original default.
h Cancel Ignore changes.
i OK Apply changes.


The frequency range depends on the setting for the previous interval. For example, the setting for “Last year” cannot be greater than the setting for the last 90 days.

Filename Patterns To Exclude Settings

Filename Patterns to Exclude Settings

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